Travel with architecture – Dubai

city of lifelong dreams
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Everything about the city is current. Existing only now it’s seemingly impossible to trace any change, any progression, any development in its architecture. It exists in this continual moment. Dubai is a city of lifelong dreams; a modernism filtering through art deco, tower blocks wearing marble skirts pinched with gold, and hotel lobbies: vast frameworks of gathered space.

The city is confidently more than the confined imagination of a developed new town, it excites on a personal level.

It may be an easy task to equate history to character, but Dubai dispels such from becoming interchangeable. Its architecture, not yet mature, fails to contrive a united topology, however each construction stands proud, radiating the ideals of its parental architect. This isn’t a city stillborn, but the child of a dreamer’s heart.

However one theme ties Dubai to a whole, lets the buildings interact, tease, seduce each other. And that is the sunlight. Rays do nothing but reflect. Overpasses, walkways, white concrete. Between horizons and heightened terraced pools. Perspective’s removed by the flattening light, buildings lit evenly, and pastel.

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